What do you know about ‘Wave Loading’?

So I have been doing lots of weight training recently, and found that I could achieve more throughout my reps when I chose different pounds/weights. I thought I was really on to something, and as it turns out, I am, it’s called, “Wave Loading”! How perfect is that. Now this is great for muscle growth and gains, if that is your goal, keep reading. If you are looking for your next cardio workout, wait for another post 😉


Wave loading is an advanced set/rep scheme where you adjust the weights and reps for each set in an ascending or descending fashion (a wave). Here’s a simple example of one descending wave:

Bicep Curls

15 Reps of 10 lbs

12 Reps of 12.5 lbs

10 Reps  of 15 lbs.

Here, the reps decrease with each set as the weights increase. You can also reverse the order (an ascending wave) to focus on strength instead of hypertrophy.


Wave loading does three things better than other set/rep schemes: First, it stimulates your muscles with different intensities. Straight sets don’t give you that option.

Second, it exposes you to heavy weights, which are absolutely critical for growth! Too often, we favor high volume and low weights when it’s actually the high weights that stimulate your big gains. To pack on more muscle, there’s no substitute for lifting those “dig deep” weights.

Third, wave loading “shocks” your muscles to lift more – a phenomenon called “post-activation potentiation.” From a quick exposure to heavy weights, you stimulate your neural system and improve your muscles’ ability to generate power.

Now, you can lift more and get bigger strength gains! Go, Bombshell,  Go!!!

Citing source: www.muscleandfitness.com



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