Welcome, you beautiful bombshells!

I’m ready to share my love and passion for fitness with you and everyone you know. I work out for a living, meaning I sweat, yell, smile, cue, move, shake, lift, sing, choreograph, DJ, energize, captivate, direct, count to 8 repeatedly, and believe in the possibility of change. I am a group fitness instructor at four facilities currently, personal trainer during the week, YouTube fitness sensation (well not yet, but working on that), and educated with a Masters in Exercise Science.

If you are that person searching for that reason, purpose, or “perfect” time to start a plan or routine, I am here to say, NOW is your chance. Sometimes we over-analyze, over-think, and worry ourselves stagnant. Time is only moving forward folks. We aren’t going to wake up to our 16 year old selves and have another go at it. I am proud to have worn a pair of my high school jeans this past weekend, as I just had my 10 year reunion two weekends ago (insert fist bump). And if you think I am here to only please and appease the fat to skinny plan, you’ve got me all wrong. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overall happy self is worth more than any size 4 jeans. Determining your own why’s, what’s, and how’s are going to be a journey for you to determine for yourself, but I hope to be a guide for your journey in to an active lifestyle. So, whether you are choosing at-home workouts, gym memberships, one on one training, group fitness such as Zumba (shout out to my Z sisters), or boxing, or whatever floats your motorboat, I will be here cheering you on, challenging you, or simply giving you a quick chuckle at my ridiculous antics.

Nice to greet you. If you have any particular first topics that you would like to hear from me, please feel free to drop a comment and I will do my best to respond with something witty and extravagant.

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